Vehicle owners please be aware that this is not an invitation only event. Anyone can submit an application to be a part of the show that owns a drag racing car, truck or bike.  Please note that there is an approval process to submit your vehicle for display at Dragfest. We ask that you fill out and complete the application via the link below and submit the requested pictures. Our vehicle selection committee wants to be 100% sure that the vehicles on the show floor meet our standards for showmanship. We do not like to turn away anyone but if your vehicle is in an incomplete state, has excessive damage or is clearly not befitting, we reserve the right to do so. It generally takes about 72 business hours for our committee to review and once approved, you will receive an email confirming your requested space has been approved. Only when you are approved will your payment be processed.

If you prefer registering by mail, you will see a link titled “paper registration form”.  Please click into the link and print out the registration form. It is important to remember when applying by mail that you include 3 printed ( 1- ¾ exterior, 1 interior and 1 engine bay) pictures with your registration form and payment. Also make sure your email address is clearly written as we will be sending all responses and event information to you by email.

Costs to reserve a space- 10 x 10 $45.00 (Motorcycle ONLY) - 10 x 20 $55.00 (Standard single vehicle) - 20 x 20  $105.00 (vehicle display space must supply your own flooring and stanchions)


IMPORTANT ROLL IN INFORMATION FOR REGISTERED VENDORS SETTING UP JANUARY 10th, 2020 Vendor roll in will take place Friday January 10th, 2020 between the hours of 10am and 7pm. We will have ushers to help direct you to which roll in gate to go to. From there our roll in team will be at the overhead doors waiting for you and will help escort you to your display space. We will allow trailers into the building to unload for as long as there is ample room in the facility, once things begin to get tight we may have to request that you unload outside. Knowing this we do urge anyone who will be trailering to arrive before 12noon on Friday January 10th if possible. Also, another alternative is that we will be offering a small window for those that need extra time to set up due to complex displays; the opportunity to roll in on Thursday January 9th between 2pm and 6pm. If this is something you would like to take advantage of please contact Dan Swisher directly at 717-269-2625 to set up a specific time for early roll in. After you are settled in your space please check in at registration which will be located at the main lobby near the food court – it is imperative that you check in to pick up your wristbands and important documents. Please note you will not be able to get into the building on Saturday without your wristbands on securely, and they will not be replaced if lost. You will need to purchase replacement wristbands if lost. Our objective is to make your experience as pleasant as possible for roll in, we understand that it can get hectic and we will be doing everything in our power to streamline the process to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone, but we need your help. Please pull your trailer and/or support vehicle out once unloaded and please avoid blocking the aisle ways with your content the best you can. If we all work together we can make the show set up easy and enjoyable for everyone. We look forward to meeting you and thank you for your support of Indoor National Dragfest